May 17, 2013

We spent today working on Act III Scene ii. The first run of the scene was rough; again, the participants hadn’t written notes and needed to be reminded of decisions they’d made the last time we worked the scene. After we got through it, we discussed very frankly that it had not gone well, and we talked about why that was so. Part of it was the lack of notes, and part was a lack of preparation for the day. That being said, the second and third runs of the scene went very well, and everyone showed a lot of improvement. They picked up the pace, committed more to the goofiness of their characters, and focused more on their relationships. After a disappointing first go at the scene, they definitely felt encouraged after the second and third.

We also spent some time reviewing the end of Act IV Scene i, and we discussed how to add in the spirits in that scene. We are having some difficulty figuring out how to keep those masks on the participants’ heads, so I am consulting with the actors who wore them in the Water Works production to find out what they did.