Session Four: Week 26

Tuesday + Thursday

This week was productive and invigorating, as we buckled down to read through our script, making cuts as we went. There was lively debate about several potential cuts, but the deeper we got into the process, the more excited people got about cutting “unnecessary” material – I believe this is because it is evidence of how well we know the play at this point. We own the material; it doesn’t own us.

There was a fairly intense debate about whether or not we should cut the scene in which Petruchio rejects clothing made for Katherina, almost in its entirety. Some of us think that the relationship clues in this scene are established elsewhere, while some of us disagree with that. Others don’t want to lose the scene because it’s so funny; some, however, pointed out that we have a limited time in which to perform, and we need to be “ruthless” with our cuts. It was decided that we should table the decision until next week, when we’ll set aside time to work with the scene and determine its function better.

In other news, one of our new members has agreed to play Grumio. This leaves the role of Biondello vacant, and since we’re in the final third of our program and don’t want to add more inmates to the ensemble until the fall, it was decided that Lauren and I should audition for the role (we are the only two facilitators who can guarantee attendance at every performance, or we would ALL be auditioning!).

So next week’s plan is to finish reading and cutting, explore the scene referenced above, and cast Biondello. We hope to be able to move forward solidifying the way in which we’re telling this story – its interpretation, staging, and all of the other details that still need to be worked out.