Coming soon... Updates on Performances and Wrap Up!

I know some of our readers (maybe you!) are anxiously awaiting updates about the women’s performances, the last of which was last night. Those updates are coming soon! We got such great feedback on the way we wrote about the end of the men’s ensemble’s season that I’m going to do the same for this ensemble.

In the meantime, we’ve just added two new pages that might interest you!

The first is our public announcement of our next big project: the first book in what we hope will be a series of critical editions of Shakespeare’s plays, edited and annotated by SIP members old and new. Click this link for more info and a VERY fun, short video!

The second is that the write-up of our 2016-17 case study is now available for you to download and read at your leisure! We wanted to figure out exactly how Shakespeare in Prison “empowers” people to use Shakespeare as a catalyst to radically alter their lives—and their very identities. We’re very excited by what we found. Click here to check it out!

More soon!

- Frannie