Detroit Public Theatre needs you.

$30,000 by June 30 keeps our ticket prices affordable.

Every play.
Every person.
Every budget.

This is where you come in!

Since its founding three years ago, Detroit Public Theatre has been engaging our city with relevant, edgy, top-quality theatre.  

We believe that GREAT theatre should be accessible and affordable for ALL. The word PUBLIC is at the center of our name AND our mission. We’ve been committed to keeping ticket prices low enough to remain accessible to everyone — making good on our promise to provide the public with badass art and reasonable prices.

DPT tickets range from “pay what you can” all the way up to $45. With special rates for students, our community partners (including schools, cultural institutions, and social service agencies), and working artists in our theatre community, we have been able to welcome anyone who wants to experience a DPT play to our theatre.

This comes at a cost. Without your donations, DPT would have to price our tickets at over $90 each.

But that would shut out many of our audience members. Your support is what keeps our prices low enough that everyone can play.

Keeps our student rate tickets priced at only $20.00, and our highest priced tickets at $45.00.

Keeps our pay what you can ticket initiative afloat for community members and working artists.

Keeps  tickets affordable for 5+ people.

Keeps tickets affordable for 10+ people.

Keeps tickets affordable for 20+ people.

Keeps tickets affordable for... You do the math!