Shakespeare Reclaimed│SIP’s post-release program for alumni

Alumni and facilitators at DPT’s 4th Annual Unabashed Ask for Cash Bash. Photo by Chuk Nowak.

In February 2018, Shakespeare in Prison extended its mission beyond prison walls with a post-release program developed in collaboration with ensemble members old and new. Shakespeare Reclaimed allows us to sustain the healthy relationships we create on the inside, provide emotional support to our alumni, and engage them in personal and professional development opportunities.

Jocelyn participated in DPT’s production of PIPELINE as part of Shakespeare Reclaimed’s Journeyman program.

Shakespeare Reclaimed is tailored to each individual’s needs, encompassing a wide range of possibilities and enabling us to continue to work with our alumni, whatever their goals and and wherever they live. Our Journeyman program provides a structured way for alumni to learn theatre arts and nonprofit management/administration skills in partnership with professional theatres and other organizations. Partnerships have thus far have included mentoring in nonprofit and fundraising skills, professional theatre rehearsal access, and guidance on the creation of a nonprofit production company.

Shakespeare Reclaimed offers connections with fellow SIP alumni, as well as with the broader arts and nonprofit communities. Someday, we also hope to offer an in-person support group and opportunities to collaborate, not only with alumni, but with professional artists on any number of artistic endeavors.

Our ensemble members talk all the time about the home they’ve found in our circle. We're hoping to welcome everyone home again — but this time on the outside.

Check out this video featuring a whole bunch of SIP alumni!

Jessica co-presented with Frannie at the 2018 Statera Foundation Conference.

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Interested in working with a Journeyman or offering other support? You don’t have to be a theatre! We’d love to chat. Click here to email Frannie and get the process started.