As Detroit Public Theatre brings you our third season, your support allows us to continue our artistic and community programs. As a not-for-profit theatre, our work will be made possible by donors like you.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today and join us in building and sustaining Detroit Public Theatre.

Thank you, and we hope to see you at the theatre soon!

If you would prefer to send a check, 
please send it to the address below:

Detroit Public Theatre
1401 Vermont Street, #179
Detroit, MI 48216

Please make checks payable to Detroit Public Theatre

Gifts of any size make a difference! Choose a donation amount below, or consider making an add-on contribution or rounding up your order when you buy tickets.

  • $50
  • $100
  • $250
  • $500
  • $2500
  • $5000
  • Ensemble Player: $10,000
  • Best Supporting Player: $15,000
  • Leading Player: $25,000

Founder Donor Levels

Best Supporting Player - $15,000
Maeva and Xavier Mosquet
Ann V. and James B. Nicholson   
Lisa A. Payne

Ensemble Player - $10,000
Robert A. and Maggie Allesee
Julie and Peter Cummings
Nicole and Stephen Eisenberg
Judy and Scott Phares

Leading Player - $25,000    
Debbie and John Erb
Lauren and Phillip Fisher
Catherine and Nathan Forbes
Ira Pittelman and Tom Hulce
Danialle and Peter Karmanos, Jr.
Sarah Winkler and Simon Leopold
Julie and Bobby Taubman

Sustainer Donor Levels

George Abud
Katherine Adams
Rachel Allison
Suzanne Antisdel
Elizabeth Applebaum
Alan Ball
Terry Barclay
Sharon Barrett
Ellen Bates-Brackett
Judith A. Belknap
Kathy Bergman
Zak Berkman and Teri Lamm
David Bogojevich
Jeanne Bourget
Jordan and Amy Brackett
Cynthia Brody
Mike & Gerri Buckles
Kimberly and Charles Burke
Veronne Bustos
Kip & Sherry Cantrick
Katherine Casebolt and Chris Werthmann
Susan Chomsky
Rose Marie Ciccone
William Corporandy
Richard and Connie Cowper
Maureen and Jerry D'Avanzo
Dale and Rod Dallaire
Susanna Defever
Rowene Demio
Bryant Dennison
Colleen Dolan-Greene
Kitty Dubin
Mary & Terry Earls
Kayne Ferrier
Charlene Firestone
Kathy and Jeff Fisk
Yolanda Fleischer
Arnetta Ford
Elva Gamble
Julia Garlotte
Esther Gim
Leslie Goldmann-Franco
Matthew Gwynn
Christine and Bob Hage
Heather Hanneman
Sam and Mindy Herman
Henrietta Hermelin Weinberg
Patricia and Kevin Higgins
Wendy Hiller
Melissa and Jeff Holland
Dylan Hoover
Joe & Jean Hudson
Carly Jackson
Lisa Hodge Kander and Ken Kander
Gerald Klein
Kirsten Knisely
Anna Kohn
Lori Lutz
David MacGregor
David Magidson
Caroline Marks
Veronica Matthews
Des McAnuff
Jacqueline McCann
Kathleen McMahon
Eric and Carla Messing
Benjamin Meyer
Maralee Meyer
Haley Mitchell
Vanessa Mobley
Jenn Rae Moore
Purni Morell
Patrice Nolan
Chuk Nowak
Lauren O'Neill
Sandra Osip
Gloria Page
Maureen Paraventi
Sean Paraventi
Maggie Patton
Michael Perreca
Jean and Stephen Piermattei
Donna and Steve Raphael
Rahme Rayes
Natalie Redmond
Barbara Reehl
Craig Reynolds
Julie and Adam Rothstein
E.J. Saks
Roslyn Schindler
David Schon
Emily Camiener and Marc Schwartz
Nedda Shayota
Wendy Shepherd and Ken Hershenson
Frannie Shepherd-Bates and John Bogojevich
Karen Sheridan
Michael Shriver
Roseanne Simons
Denita Banks-Sims and Glenn Sims
Annmarie Stoll
Chris & Norma Tanner
Margaret Thorp
Rose Ann Wade
Patrice Walsh
Sue Webster and William Pielemeier
Amy Weinstein
Barbara Weldon
Josie Whittlesey
Ross Williams
Amelia Winkler
Julie Yolles
Starla Zehr
Jillian Zylinski

Gretchen and Ethan Davidson
Jennifer and David Fischer
Anessa and David Kramer
West End Studios

Adele and Michael Acheson
Peter Barta
Daniel Bates
Wendy Batiste-Johnson
Katherine Bradford and Greg Leopold
Courtney and Adam Burkett
Sarah Clare and Chris Corporandy
Linda Dresner and Ed Levy, Jr.
Nina Essman
Elyse and David Foltyn
Rochelle and Randy Forester
Chris and Natalie Forte
Susan and Bobby Gordon
Neil and Annmarie Hawkins
Chris and Jan Heaphy
Niki and Bobby Johnson
James and Elizabeth Klein
Jocelyn Lee and Brian Urquhart
Marsha and Jeff Miro
Felicia E. Molnar
Terry Naini and Stefano Ukmar
Joyce and Dan Pariser
Christie Peck and Buck Baker
Martie and Bob Sachs
Jessica Tiernan
Jamie Kaye Walters
Marcy Weisberg

Lori Ballard
Elizabeth Boone and Toby Barlow
Joanna and Marc Boeckl
Julie and Eric Borman
Ann Stevenson and Curt Catallo
Kathleen Chalfant
Margot Demarais
Tricia Huneke
Andrea and Jason Jones
Helen and Marty Katz
Arlene and John Lewis
Maureen Martin
Ronald Martin
William and Kumi Martin
Lynne Metty
Lois and Eugene Miller
Devin and Corey Scillian
Gigi Sharp and George Gilpin
Elizabeth Tintinalli
Vicki and Richard Vlasic
Eva Von Voss
Jean Wright and Joseph L. Hudson Jr. Fund
Dr. Brian Young

Jessica Bauman
Gayle and Andrew Camden
Rick and Denise David
John Essay
David and Elane Feldman
Dorothy and Larry Fobes
Gabby George
Nancy Grant and Mark Frankel
Nancy Gibbs
Sujana Gundlapalli
Jamie Heberling
Zina Kramer
Eric Linder
Benjamin Meeker and Meredith Korneffel
Lynne Metty
Patricia Mooradian
Anne Parsons and Donald Dietz
Marcia Ruff and Tom Wilkinson
Devin and Corey Scillian
Mary and Kevin Shultis

Detroit Public Theatre is also deeply grateful to our past and current Corporate, Foundation, and Government funders for their generous support of our programs and productions.

Comerica Charitable Giving
The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
The Detroit Shoppe at Somerset Collection
Doner Advertising
The Emily List Fund for Performing Arts Therapy
The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation
The Forbes Company
The Ford Motor Company Fund
Eileen Fisher
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
The Marjorie and Maxwell Jospey Foundation
MGM Grand Detroit
Michigan Humanities Council
Midtown Detroit, Inc.
Quicken Loans
The Skillman Foundation
The Somerset Collection
St. John Providence
Union Joints
Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation

List as of December 5 2017.

We are grateful for the support of our show sponsors and our season sponsors.