Support This Program

Please consider a donation of any amount to support Shakespeare in Prison!

Your donation of any amount will make you an active participant in a program that provides a place for members of our community to reconnect with their humanity and learn to gain empathy for all people. This is a boon not only to inmates while incarcerated, but to all of us when SIP participants return home, and to the prison community while they are incarcerated.

There is no state funding for this program - funding is entirely dependent on grants and donations from generous organizations and individuals.

Program costs include: 

  • Purchasing copies of a published edition of each season's play for inmates' use.
  • Printed and bound scripts. As changes are made and members of the group are added, additional scripts are needed, and the cost adds up fast.
  • Grant writing, a very time-intensive task.
  • Gathering costumes, props, and scenic supplies. Many are donated, but some must be purchased or rented.
  • Reasonable compensation for the facilitation team. Several facilitators drive at least 100 miles per week; Frannie drives 200-350 miles per week, depending on the number of facilities at which she is on site.

The current budget calls for the program director (who oversees all aspects of program administration, including on-site facilitation) to be compensated reasonably, for an assistant director and costume coordinator to be paid reasonable stipends, and for co-facilitators to be paid stipends to offset costs associated with their work.


... or mail your donation to:

Detroit Public Theatre
Attn: Shakespeare in Prison
1401 Vermont Street, #179
Detroit, MI 48216

We also have a wish list of in-kind donations that are more than welcome! This list will evolve as we determine specific needs for each play, but here's what we're hankering for at the moment:

  • Plain white paper (for scripts and hand outs)
  • Ink for an HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer.
  • Non-spiral bound notebooks to be used as journals.
  • Gift cards to Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, book stores, etc. to purchase books, props, set materials, and costumes. Gift certificates to your favorite Michigan businesses that supply those items are welcome!
  • New copies of "No Fear" editions of Shakespeare's plays. We have lots of copies of Macbeth, Richard III, and Othello, but we will happily take everything else! Of particular interest: As You Like It, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, and The Taming of the Shrew.
  • Copies of The Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary. These provide an empowering resource for ensemble members as they explore each play.
  • DVDs that the ensemble can watch to enhance their work, including Playing Shakespeare and seasons one and two of Shakespeare Uncovered.
  • Costumes and props. If you've got items you think are appropriate for Shakespeare, we'll take 'em! Certain restrictions apply, so please use the form below to contact us before you send anything!


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