October 26, 2012

Today we began reading The Tempest. We are taking our time, stopping whenever necessary to make sure everyone is following what’s going on, as well as getting details about the characters and their relationships. The women will be trying different roles for a little while until we start to get a good grasp on the characters and decide as a group how we want to cast the show. They are really enjoying it so far. We got through Act One and then felt the need to get up and move. We played an improv game that has to do with a doctor guessing patients’ ailments, and they did a great job and were very imaginative. Many of them made very interesting choices. We’ll definitely revisit this game in the future.

I think this is how it will go for a bit, unless the women decide they want to approach the material differently – we’ll spend most of the meeting time reading through the script and discussing it, and then we’ll get on our feet and explore different skills through improv. This could change, though. I’m always open to their input.