April 12, 2013

Kyle Norris from Michigan Public Radio visited us today. The women really enjoyed having her there, as did I. After Ms. Norris recorded us warming up and playing a game, we had a discussion about the group and its effects. I won’t go into detail here about what the women said, since I’m not sure what will end up in the story and I don’t want to spoil anything, but their emphasis was on the sisterhood they feel within the group, the confidence they’ve gained as a result of their participation, and their hope that people can look at programs like this and see past the stereotypes that are out there about incarcerated people. They expressed themselves beautifully and said some very powerful things. I will post the link to the story once it is available.

We then worked on the second half of Act IV Scene i. All of the actors were very gung ho about the silliness in the scene, and it’s working very well.

Everyone left feeling very good today. They are thrilled that their story will be out there soon.