A special post... join the crowd(funding)! Live now!


If you’ve been following this blog, you know the impact that Shakespeare in Prison has had on its participants since it began in February of 2012. You know the challenges we’ve faced and the triumphs we’ve had.

What you may not know is that this program has received only a fraction of the funding it needs to be sustainable and has been operating largely on a volunteer basis and out of the pockets of its facilitators. This is not a model that can power Shakespeare in Prison into the future or allow it to develop and expand.

 Now we are asking for your help. Now is the time when you can show your support of this impactful program and give us a major boost as we redouble our efforts to secure institutional funding in the future. With your vote of confidence, we know that this program can achieve a long-lasting impact.

Please join the cause here. We’ve got great perks to sweeten the deal! And if you’d like to show your support but are light on funds yourself, please share the campaign.

Thank you for your support!