Session Four: Week 21


We welcomed several new members to the group today. After our usual orientation, in which we shared with them about the group and got to know them a little bit, we played a couple of theatre games for ensemble building. It was an abbreviated session due to inclement weather, but the vibe was positive, and we’re ready now to move forward.


We continued our work on Act II Scene I today. After clarifying objectives, our Baptista shared that she feels the scene is too static, and she wants to find a way to incorporate more movement. We determined that she needs some kind of activity – perhaps she’s trying to get work done, or maybe she simply wants to re-enter her house, and all of these suitors are preventing her. We need to work through this more, but having the idea is the first step!

We were missing some key players today, so the decision was made to focus on giving individuals who were present in-depth attention on whatever they wanted to work on. Our Lucentio, Petruchio, Gremio and Tranio all found pieces to explore, and we made some great strides with them.

Our new members mostly sat back and observed today, but we are hoping to get them into the mix next week. They are hoping to get into the mix, too!